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Fortuna, Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica - A unique Skyway experience!

You may think Costa Rica is all beaches and palm trees, but there are many other wonders in Costa Rica, one of them is Arenal Volcano. So when you lay your eyes in La Fortuna you will know immediately why the name of The Fortune fits right in.

The world famous Arenal Volcano is a few miles north, and always in view (weather permitting), as is the Arenal Lake where you can windsurf, fish, ski or cruise… and the Hot-Springs. As if this isn’t enough, the FOOD. Holy good FORTUNE.

Walking around with crowds of happy tourists may not be your thing, but you will get their smiles. Tours, postcards and pizza, rappel, canyoning and waterfalls: all while keeping in sight the somnolent mountain town whose night has been lit up by real constant eruptions and lava spurts. Don’t worry, it’s far away enough that you are always safe, but do look up: whether the majestic volcano is cloud-shrouded or sunshine-soaked, it's always something to look at for a lifelong memory.

La Fortuna has been a sleepy agricultural town, 6km from the base of Cerro Arenal (Arenal Hill).

Some history from LonelyPlanet: In 1968, Arenal erupted violently after nearly 400 years of dormancy and buried the small villages of Pueblo Nuevo, San Luís and Tabacón. Suddenly, tourists from around the world started descending en masse in search of fiery night skies and that inevitable blurry photo of creeping lava. La Fortuna remains one of the top destinations for travelers in Costa Rica, even though the great mountain stopped spewing its molten discharge in 2010.

La Fortuna is a can’t miss while in Central America. We have a great schedule in and out of this great little town filled with amazing memory making material.

If Good Fortune is in your plans, do it in La Fortuna, with #Skyway


Fly Includes: Concierge service is optional

Not Included: Local transportation. Clients must arrive at the airport. Pick ups in some hotels available at an additional cost.

Flying Time: FON - SJO : 40 min / FON - XQP : 25 min / FON - LIR : 25 min

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