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Your Way, our Way...This is the #SkyWay
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Your Way, our Way...This is the #SkyWay

What is the Skyway experience?

Skyway was created from our vision to exceed customer expectations through passionate commitment to safety, quality, reliability and effective resource utilization.

Our LET-410's Expedition type Aircrafts are at the top in every standard for adventure travel. With them, Skyway is the only company with Two Engine Air Transport category planes.

Safety, customer service, and quality are our number one priorities, making our company not just a way of transportation, but a unique experience that truly represents the Costa Rican idiosyncrasy and our Pura Vida life style.

  • We aim to be the best domestic airline in Costa Rica.
  • We have a purpose. To be that ONE element that makes your trip perfect.
  • We have a mission. To be that ONE complement to your vacation that makes it unforgettable
  • We have a vision. To be in your memories so this trip is more of a journey, it's one you'll treasure and share.

To create share worthy memories that will make you fall in love with our destinations. THAT is the Skyway Experience.

Your trip has to be unique. We will make sure of it. When you book with Skyway your vacation starts weeks before you get on the first flight. Our Travel Specialists will feed you with info and insights of what to do, what to prepare for and what to plan to make the absolute best of your time in Central America.

At your request we will take care of:

  • Ground transportation
  • Hotel suggestions and deals
  • Local options for tours and activities
  • Restaurant reservations and hotspots
  • Concierge service, and much much more

Thank you for choosing Skyway, we will reciprocate your choice with our best effort. You will want to come back for more.