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Snorkeling in Costa Rica - Top Destinations to fly in Costa Rica
Mar 11, 2019Skyway News

Snorkeling in Costa Rica - Top Destinations to fly in Costa Rica

The sea life is filled with wonders and mysteries. As a matter of fact, we know more about other planet's oceans than our very own. And though there are some expensive methods to be able to appreciate these mystical sceneries, there is a very accessible and fun way to do it: snorkeling.

Snorkeling allows you to explore colorful coral reefs, swim with exotic fish, and experience first-hand what a life of mermaid would feel like.

If you have never done snorkeling before, don't worry, we are here to help.

1) How does it work?

While swimming near the surface of the water, you use a diving mask and a upward-shaped breathing tube called a snorkel to swim uninterruptedly for long periods of time. As long as you keep your snorkel tip out of the water, you will be able to breath underwater.

While staring downward, you will be able to see what lies underneath the surface. Often done near coral reefs, snorkeling is the perfect way to view the natural sea life you will find at locations such as Drake Bay, Manuel Antonio, and Bocas del Toro.

Though it might be strange at the beginning, you will get used to swimming near the surface in no time. Afterwards, the experience is simply marvelous.

2) Equipment

Most tour packages will offer rental equipment for your snorkeling experience. Some of them are pretty standard, while others might even include a floating vest.

To be absolutely sure you are getting the right equipment, here are the most important parts of your snorkeling equipment:

● Snorkel: It can either come attached to a diving mask or separate. Be sure the mouthpiece is clean and made of either rubber or plastic. Don't panic if, occasionally, water gets inside your snorkel. Just push the water out by breathing out sharply.

● Diving mask: The diving mask should cover your eyes and nose properly. Adjust the mask, sealing the air in, by using the mask straps. If you feel your mask is too loose, notify the snorkeling guide or supervisor.

● Swim fins: These are important for easier swimming and better propulsion. Again, you can adjust them using the rubber straps. Just be sure to use a swim fin proportional to your body size, otherwise they will be heavy and difficult to use.

3) Is snorkeling for everyone?

There are a few exceptions on why snorkeling might not be for you. If you are not a great swimmer, you might feel a little bit intimidated to explore the open sea. Keep in mind that snorkeling is usually done close to the shore, or beside a boat, so you probably won’t feel like you are too far out at sea. Other than that, there could be some physical barriers that could make snorkeling harder for some people.

First of all, though snorkeling is not an extreme activity (unlike scuba diving or freediving that doe require some previous training), it is helpful to at least be confident in open waters. You can ask your tour guide for a floating vest if you have doubts. If you are an experienced swimmer, just be sure that the weather and current conditions are ideal for your swimming abilities.

In case you have physical injuries or difficulties, be sure to ask your doctor if it's safe to snorkel. However if your doubts continue, you can still stay inside the boat. If the sea is clear and the day sunny, you will spot some colorful fish, too!

4) Best places to snorkel

As we mentioned before some of the best places to snorkel are Drake Bay, Manuel Antonio, and Bocas del Toro. These places are perfect for snorkeling for several reasons.

Since you want to explore the most during snorkeling, there has to be a variety of sea life involved. Places like Drake Bay are not so disturbed by people the way other more popular beaches are, therefore lots of wildlife still live close to the shore. The water is incredibly clear around Bocas del Toro, so you will be sure to have an amazing view!

So, what are you waiting for? We have daily flights to these and more destinations where you will have the perfect snorkeling experience. Don't waste time on the road when you can get to your favorite vacations spots in under an hour!

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Local Costa Rican flights mentioned in this article:

San Jose to Drake Bay (SJO ↔ DRK) 35 minutes

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San Jose to Bocas del Toro (SJO ↔ BOC) 45 minutes