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Puerto Jimenez and the Corcovado National Park | Daily flights with Skyway Costa Rica Airline
Jul 10, 2019Skyway News

Puerto Jimenez and the Corcovado National Park | Daily flights with Skyway Costa Rica Airline

Puerto Jimenez is one of the best places in the entire Pacific for Sportsfishing, however, this is not the only thing that it has to offer. Puerto Jimenez is also the doorway to the entire Osa Peninsula, this is by far one of the most diverse places in the world and holds about a third of all species you can find in Costa Rica.

The Corcovado National Park is a world-class experience, is located on the Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica in the Osa Peninsula. The park has been referred to as “the most biologically intense place on Earth” by National Geographic. With one visit to this lush tropical paradise, you’ll understand why. It has become one of the top eco-tourism destinations of the planet, not to mention Costa Rica. It is home to a plethora of wildlife and exotic fauna that are unique to the Osa Peninsula, for it used to be an island thus species had started to evolve separately until it rejoined the mainland.

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Flora and Fauna of Corcovado

Corcovado is home to a large population of animals including many endangered species; various types of monkeys, jaguars, ocelots, tapirs, and anteaters to name just a few, a plethora of birds including the resplendent Quetzal and the Red Macaw, amphibians like the Red-Eyed Tree Frog, More than 400 species of birds including 16 different hummingbirds and the largest number of scarlet macaws anywhere in Central America, and of course many reptiles and insects. Corcovado is also close to the Marino Ballena National Park that is the best place to watch whales and dolphins. The humpback whales use these waters as a mating and nursery ground. Corcovado functions as a marine sanctuary, protecting coral reefs, lagoons, rivers, and estuaries.

In Corcovado you can do Dolphin and Whale Watching Tours, you can also do Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Cano Island if you really wanna see nature you can take a Jungle in the nighttime tour.

In Puerto Jimenez, there is also plenty of activities you can do, let's start with the obvious, Puerto Jimenez is a top-ranked, world-class location for sports fishing, catches including mahi-mahi, tuna, wahoo, skipjack, and blue runner. Anglers can also opt for inshore excursions, where roosterfish, jacks, snapper, and mackerel are most common. Whales, dolphins, rays and sea turtles are often observed during these trips.

You can also do some surfing in Matapalo, Offshore winds blow from north to northwest, Playa Pan Dulce is the most recommended for both the beginners and adventurous, for sure if you want to hit hard, higher and rougher waves Cabo Matopalo is definitely the spot for you.

The reef at Playa Platanares provides some great opportunities for a colorful under the sea environment. a lot of snorkeling fans take a Kayak to this place and make a mixed adventure with the Mangrove of the Platanares River, the crown jewel is actually in Cano Island, which is about 45 minutes in a boat from Drake Bay.

Turtle Nesting and Hatching, Puerto Jimenez has Playa Preciosa, and one of a kind miracle that happens in the months from June to December, as the dawn starts to happen and you see the baby turtles hatching and making their way to the ocean.

According to our friends from TripAdvisor, one of the tops recommended activities in Puerto Jimenez is to visit the Rancho Raices de Osa, this is a local family farm that does homemade chocolate and well as an animal sanctuary.

Also the Osa Wildlife Sanctuary with their 4.5 rate average listed as number two. A local enterprise wholly committed to providing wildlife rescue and rehabilitation for orphaned, injured and displaced animals indigenous to the southern zone of Costa Rica.

Working with the local community, local businesses and government, we provide the best care possible for the animals in our care. We also strive to be an active and valuable member of our local community.

You can explore all of this with Skyway Airlines, the Costa Rican Airline that offers several daily flights to Puerto Jimenez and Drake Bay from the International Airport SJO, ideal to interconnect your flight to Costa Rica with us.

Skyway Airlines is a Costa Rica Airline that operates with 19th passengers, dual-engine LET 410 aircraft, the biggest plane available for domestic flights.

We also offer charter flights for large groups, if you are coming to Puerto Jimenez with your family or with a smaller expedition we also offer smaller planes for private charter flights to Puerto Jimenez.