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How to achieve a magical experience in Bocas Del Toro
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How to achieve a magical experience in Bocas Del Toro

It is very hard to put in words the experiences you can have in Bocas Del Toro, some might even say that it is truly a magical experience. In Skyway we are committed to exceeding our customer expectations, that´s why we would like to help you achieve a magical experience during your time in the amazing Bocas Del Toro.

The first magical experience you must try in Bocas Del Toro is the local cuisine. The Caribbean influence in the local gastronomy is marvelous. You must try the “Rondon” which is a coconut milk soup with roots, fish, curry and lots of species. And your trip is not finished until you try the traditional “plantita”, an empanada filled with some very spicy beef.

The restaurants in the area offer an amazing mixture of gastronomies around the world. From Asian to Caribbean, fusion or Italian, they pretty much have everything for all tastes.

Bocas Del Toro is almost exclusively constructed in lumber. That united with the predominant Victorian-Caribbean colonial that will make you feel that you are being transported in time with every step you take here.

The biodiversity in this region makes it an amazing destination for hiking. It is possible to take a hike around the island's forests. In the Bastimentos National Park, there´s a place called “The Forest behind the reef” which starts behind the ranger station and winds through tropical forests and mangroves.

You can also visit “Boca Del Drago”, which besides being a very popular beach filled with many aquatic animals, like starfish. Take a boat and see them very closely or just stay on the shore and enjoy the view from one of the many restaurants nearby.

Many people talk about the magical turquoise waters that surround the islands of Bocas Del Toro, but what can be more natural than actually dive in them? The place, in general, is categorized as one of the most amazing destinations for scuba diving in the world, however, there´s a couple of spots that will definitely deserve distinction and they are Mangrove Point and “The Wreck”.

At “the Wreck” there´s an actual shipwrecked (intentionally, 11 years ago) and now has become part of the natural environment, with one of the dense concentrations of sea life on the island.

In Mangrove Point you will find the perfect spot for underwater photography in the whole islands since there´s no current at all. Do you like to see things from another perspective? Try the night diving tours to this place. The sea life at night can be a very magical experience to have.

If we are talking about putting some magic on your trip to Bocas del Toro, then one activity you must definitely try is renting a bike and getting to know every inch of it. It´s probably the best way to see the island at your own pace and enjoying their beauties while you are at it.

You may have tried Zip Line on a trip before, but nothing beats doing it with a beautiful view to the Bastimentos islands seashore. Not only you will be in one of the most beautiful National Parks in the world, but you will be getting the chance to see it from above.

If you thought that we wouldn’t include sailing on this post then you are absolutely wrong. Skyway knows about magical experiences and sailing on a boat at sunset with nothing but the Caribbean Sea ahead of you is as magical as you can get. It´s definitely the #skyway to enjoy Bocas del Toro.

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