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Arenal volcano: Relax next to a colossus
Sep 28, 2018Skyway News

Arenal volcano: Relax next to a colossus

There are few things in life that can give at the same time the experiences of greatness and humility that Skyway provides to see the imposing Arenal Volcano, in the northern zone of Costa Rica.

See that perfect cone that rises from the green plain of La Fortuna de San Carlos, surrounded by small clouds, gives us a sense of power and fullness, but also reminds us how small we are, a paradox that encloses nature itself human

Just that image and that feeling are the ones that receive the visitors of the colossus, that from the outset take them out of their daily world and transport them to places where the worry disappears.

And it is that few places in the world have so much in such a relatively small place, since in La Fortuna perfect hotels and spas, adventure tourism and ecotourism are mixed in perfect syncretism. All this, minutes away thanks to Skyway.

With the thermal waters emanating from the bowels of the earth, the magnificent blue water o the La Fortuna Waterfalls, the extreme sports in Lake Arenal and endless experiences and amenities for visitors, the time spent in La Fortuna is for life.

There are several hot spring areas in La Fortuna, being Tabacón and Baldí the most famous as well as the thermal water pools offer quality accommodation.

Located about 6 km from La Fortuna and very close to the National Park of the Arenal Volcano, we find the La Fortuna River waterfalls. Like the hot springs we highly recommend visiting this waterfall. It is a waterfall of about 70 meters high surrounded by swimming areas and equipped with the most diverse services.

The Arenal Volcano National Park is notable for the presence of two volcanoes, the Arenal and the Chato, which can be admired from any of the three paths linked together and departing from the area where the car is left. Quietly, the trails are completed in about 3 hours in a beautiful tropical forest.

In addition, within the Arenal Volcano National Park we find different types of ecosystems subdivided into the so-called 4 life zones of this park: very humid tropical forest, montane rain forest, low montane rain forest and very humid premontane forest.

With all this natural spectacles, many prefer to "take the scenic route" and quietly ride horses and enjoying the more than 200 species of birds that enchant with their songs. Another world completely.

But this is not the only way to relax in La Fortuna, with its multiple resorts and spas dedicated exclusively to making you release all the stress. Here you can enjoy yoga sessions next to the cooing of the streams or simply forget everything while receiving mud massages, make anyone want to stay there forever.

Of course, Skyway not only take you to this trip of pleasure and relaxation, but we give you the best options for your stay is perfect, thanks to the multiple packages we have with partners and friends to ensure the best vacation.

For example, we recommend another of adventure activities par excellence, rafting and, of course, from La Fortuna it is possible to enjoy the experience of going down clear and fast water surrounded by exuberant nature.

Near La Fortuna there are 3 rivers (Balsa, Toro and Peñas Blancas) that offer different types of rafting depending on the degree of adventure. The rapids go from class II to class IV passing through the calm waters of the boat ride that is offered on the Peñas Blancas river.

Of course we could not leave without any doubt, the Canopy, one of the most attractive and exciting activities you can enjoy in the vicinity of the Arenal Volcano.

With SkyWay, all that is only 25 minutes away, a truly short time, that we wish it would extend a bit, in order to appreciate more the giant Arenal. Do not hesitate, #DoItTheSkyWay